Our Story

JMS Construction company began its journey in April 2009 in Cottageville, Sc founded by Jamie Coaxum and his  wife Cynthia Yates Coaxum. Being one of the leading African-American owned construction companies housing residential and corporate contracts in the tri-state city areas. ​

Jamie Coaxum, the initial founder of JMS Contsruction enjoys the art of building foundations with a focus in land development. His career in construction includes the past positions as Utility Superintendent, Utility Manger, and General Superintendent before venturing out and starting JMS Construction. With his thirteen-year experience in the construction industry, JMS Construction is the right fit for any company looking for a team to build their foundation with integrity. ​

Jamie Coaxum holds his general contractors license and is an CWS Approved contractor in the state of South Carolina.  Businessman and philanthropist, extended his talents and resources into the construction industry to pursue his dream to become a respected developer and builder. ​

JMS Construction specializes in projects with a focus on water & sewer, storm drain, ponds, land clearing, and site work. The company is growing and looking to expand its clientele in Georgia and North Carolina to provide high-quality construction build to the area. Construction projects are highly structured endeavors, with a lot of moving parts. Whether a small-scale office or a residence, JMS Construction has seasoned contractors to manage your project as “Safety is Job One”.